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Jacqueline S. Writes:

Manny fixed my leaking sink, put up shelves in the pantry, power washed the front porch, and fixed a light, all for only $100.  He was professional and very friendly, and the children loved calling  him Handy Manny.  He was referred to me by my sister-in-law.  He is definitely handy, and I'm really surprised that no one has done reviews on him or his company before.  I guess yelp in this area is not as big as in Chicago or Miami. Well, I hope that changes.  I would recommend Handy Manny NC, and will use him again.

Charlotte, NC

Marilynn R. Writes:

My husband and I want to thank Handy Manny for the meticulous work and friendly service we received in assembling our office furniture. It was a really refreshing to see someone with great expertise matched with a determination to do the job well. And not always do you see people treat your space and property with the same regard that you do, but Handy Manny even cleaned up and vacuumed after the work was done. We will be calling on  Handy Manny for all of our handyman needs.

Charlotte, NC

Debra Q. Writes:

Handy Manny of Charlotte was doing some landscape work and fixing some outside shutters at my mother's house, and I asked if they could come to my house and take a look at a leak I was having above my master bedroom bath. I can't say enough about the efficiency and quality of work that was done.  I had no idea what was causing a water mark in my bathroom.  However, after there was thorough investigation of the situation, which involved going into my attic  as well as climbing on my roof, it was deemed that I needed a new vent for my roof.  The old vent was removed from the roof, a new one purchased and installed! This was repaired expediently.  What a relief! 

Also, an antique kitchen chair was repaired - a spindle was broken from the bottom of the chair, and I thought no one would be able to fix it.   The chair being about 50 years old, and part of my dining room set, I was very happy to have this repaired.  Wood was purchased, stained to match the original wood, and then placed properly into the area from which it was broken.  It looks fantastic!! I recommend Handy Manny of Charlotte, as they were professional, friendly, and expedient.

Harrisburg, NC

Mary O. Writes:

Handy Manny was a wonderful experience all around!  Very professional and kind-most important to me is he freely shared his knowledge of how to help me save money on all those pending small jobs around the house. He installed an automated autoslider on my patio door and we love it! We use our deck so much more now as we can go in and out of our kitchen hands free!  It's the most useful purchase we have made for our home in a while!   I will definitely be coming back for our next job!  Just can't decide what to do next now that I have Handy Manny to call on!   I will be recommending him to my family and friends!

Harrisburg, NC

Catherine N. Writes:

Handy Manny was great! I am a very busy single lady and I needed something fixed right away-at the last minute, too! Manny himself came to do the job. He was very polite and courteous...and the job he did was exactly what I wanted. He even followed up with me later to see if things were going ok. I appreciate a service that can keep up with my busy life and and come to my rescue when I need it! Thanks!!


Charlotte, NC

Donna P. Writes:

What a fantastic job! Manny arrived on time and started promply. I hired him to install a pet door in the wall.  He made friends with my dogs prior to starting the job, always a good sign for me! I had to leave before he finished, so I left him to complete the job and he totally cleaned up: vacuumed, put the box from the pet door in the outside trash, washed off my deck and left me a $50 Gift Certificate!  I will definately be using Manny again!  Trustworthy, polite, excellent manners and a great job!