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Character counts! That’s what Manny told himself when he founded Handy Manny NC. He was convinced that the traditional repair companies were not the best solution for all the work that needs to be done around the home or office. Why should someone have to pay traditional tradesmen top dollar for simple projects?  Manny continues today, 20 years later, doing what people love the most, which is to provide quality work at affordable prices. 
A one stop service offering! That is Handy Manny NC‘s motto even today. And every year, satisfied customers confirm that it is a good one. If you call Handy Manny N.C. today, by tomorrow Manny will provide you with not only a fairly calculated offer, but also with a well thought-out schedule for the execution of the jobs. Just one call does it all, call Handy Manny NC at 980.258.3999.

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