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Our Team

To be able to accommodate the many different requirements of our customers, we count on an unbeatable combination of specialists and all-around talents. Here you can find out who is going to ring your doorbell.

 Handy Manny, Owner and Founder
Manny founded Handy Manny N.C. and built his reputation on quality work, affordability, and efficiency. Until both the customer and Manny give their stamp of approval, our mission is not complete.  Giving back to the community he serves is his biggest reward, knowing that everyone needs a helping hand at times.  Offering free services to the elderly and handicapped, when necessary, proves where his heart is.  Also,  Manny says "you can always tell a well run company by how happy the people who work for it are," and believes that real success is realized in relationships with people. Happily married and with 5 beautiful children he understands the importance of relationships and community.

Maria Harrett, Interior Decorating and Paint Jobs

Maria is a perfectionist and responsible for all design-related work involving colors. She will assist you in selecting the right colors and always has some good ideas about how to give your home or office that special touch.

Tim O'Brien, The "Archi-Tech"

You won't find Tim up on a ladder, unless absolutely necessary.  Nope, he is the brains behind the larger projects for Handy Manny NC.  The designing, ordering, inventory, and scheduling we leave up to him, as he likes it.  Years of hands on experience in most all phases of remodeling guides him to making sure everyone and everything is done orderly and as scheduled, so our customers remain happy from start to finish.  

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