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Compare our prices to the prices of the company referred by the furniture store for assembly and you will realize a 20-30% savings, not including delivery fee savings.  It is smart to compare!  


So, you've purchased some nice furniture.  Now rests the question of "Who in the world is going to put all these pieces together correctly?"  If you've ever tried assembling furniture yourself you realize what a daunting and all-day consuming project it can be.... for just one piece of furniture!  Unfortunately, many times, consumers that are less than handy at putting furniture together end up ruining their furniture when attempting themselves.  Or, in frustration, they pay up to 40% of the costs of the furniture just for assembly and set-up.  Don't worry, help has arrived!



With the competition, the costs for assembly and set up is based on the RETAIL (MSRP) price of the individual piece of furniture.  With Handy Manny NC what you paid for the furniture doesn't matter.  


Handy Manny NC. Assembly Packages

Our Assembly Packages start at just $75.   The costs of all our Assembly Packages depend on which pieces you purchased, so for more specific details as to which package works for you, please call our scheduling department at 980.258.3999 and request a quote. Or fill out the contact form on our Contact Page and include the pieces you purchased, and we will call you with the quote.

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