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Real Estate Sales 101

Let's face it, in today's economy home buyers know they have many of houses to choose from.  This means that the seller must, if they are wanting to receive the highest amount for their home, have their home in the best possible showing condition.  


From the moment the buyer is pulling in the driveway their senses are working.  How does the home show from the curb?  When they walk up to the door, what has already went through their minds?  When they first walk through the front door, what conclusions have they already come too?


Handy Manny NC. is your home staging experts when it comes helping you get your home ready to sell.  

Curbside Appeal Programs

We offer total and complete "Curbside" appeal packages, which include us doing everything regarding the outside appeal of the home from the street. Nothing goes undone, meaning the mailbox, yard, driveway, shutters, front door...everything on the outside of the house. We have the experience and staff to make your home look truly welcoming and move-in ready, usually in a single day.  We have Curbside Appeal packages starting as low as $250, to meet every customers needs.  Homestaging in Charlotte has become a big business, but with a Handy Manny NC handyman crew, it is routine to transform house exteriors in a single day.  A fresh new looking outside home doesn't have to be limited to just one selling their house, it is good all around maintenance for ones home.  The Curbside Appeal packages include:


  • Powerwashing all vertical and horizontal surfaces, like driveway, walkways, siding or brick, garage door, exterior shutters, gutters, front porch or stoop.
  • Grooming all lawnscaping, including shrubs, grass, bushes, etc.
  • Replacing or covering planters with wood chips, stone, etc.
  • Cleaning windows
  • Repairing or replacing mailbox

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